Ever heard of cyber-crime? Then today you are going to learn about the risks involved with online businesses and specifically when making tax returns online. For a number of years now, filing tax returns online has become a popular venture for many nations. The adoption of this system by the government is mainly to increase their income, decongest the revenue authority offices, reduce time wastage, make systems more efficient and effective and ultimately increase the ease and speed of tax refunds.continue reading…

Despite all these advantages, systems come with potential drawbacks. The cons include the high risk of fraud and stealing of very sensitive information, especially by computer hackers, and also identity thieves. Since online tax returns has now become a common venture for many countries, cyber thieves are also coming up with a number of ways on how to intercept these transactions.

This article highlights the various precautions that one can take so as to minimize the risks while making the online:

• Keep away from transmitting sensitive information through email – An email address is not the safest place to transmit your sensitive information, such as the credit card numbers and names. As a taxpayer or tax preparer, be very selective on the kind of information you send via email. The social security numbers and passwords should never be emailed, rather opt to use a phone call to send the information. Rather make sure that your password is protected.

• Check on your computer and internet connection – A security software is the first priority that you will want to install in whatever computer that you use file your taxes. At all times get the latest version of the software and download the latest versions and the updates. You will rather like to consider a wired connection rather than a wireless one when filing your taxes. If you have no option but a wireless, make sure it is locked and that a WPA2 connection is used also.see details from http://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2016/03/03/irs-reports-few-tax-returns-received-higher-average-refund-as-tax-season-rolls/#73ca4fa56c33

• Beware of fake IRS websites – Many hackers have come up with similar websites to the main IRS. This is to confuse the taxpayers and lure them to these sites so that they can hack their information. These sites are a copy, cut from the original government sites. Be careful when searching for the URL that it may be correct.

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• Guard against scams and phishing – Scammers do know when all the people are at the edge of filing returns. They take this as an opportunity and send fake emails to taxpayers. If you are in a hurry, you can easily get duped and give away all your sensitive information.

• Also request for a credit report after some time to check whether there is any suspicious transactions within your system. As the identity thieves can use the personal information acquired and try to check is as the owner.

At all times stay put as cyber-crimes are real. Is you suspect any suspicious dealing, report it immediately to the authorities. Never get duped!